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Democracy and libertarian state

Bella Gerens the wife of my revered Devil. Past yesterday, she made a tremendous piece of post, both quantity and quality, about the possibilities of creating a libertarian state.

In her article she talks about the revolutionary way, not feasible due to violence, and the democratic way, neither feasible because of the fact that libertarians will always be a minority in any state in which the more tax you pay, the less services you get, and vice-versa.

Her proposed solution, making a quick resume and citing her, we will not be able to see it, may be our children will not be able to see it neither, but it goes by creating a society so prosperous in which people will not need most of services now provided by governments, adding the possibility to purchase the rest cheaper elsewhere… but that could lead to a danger, consisting in some sort of Hamasization/Comando Vermelhization, etc…

Anyway, in order to get there, even if it takes decades, Gerens found her way: never, ever to shut up her bitching. I buy that!

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