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Austerity, luddism and the Digital Amish

Says The Economist that technologic austerity is becoming trendy , setting as an example the writer of the article itself, who uses software made in 1997.

One thing is time managing, and another different thing is opening the mouth tos ay that a typewriter does not promote distractions as being always looking your put-here-your-social-networking-software.
A tremendously absurd observation as it would be assuring that a Worden wheel is much better than a car’s one because it does not get flat .

One thing is making apps which gets one or two things done, and doing it really well (technological austerity), one another is adopting a technology when it is widely spread (being a Digital Amish), but a completely different thing is rejecting any new technological advance and preferring the picture of an old Olivetti with its ashtray filled to the brim, adducing that this way one does not wastes time (being a Luddite).

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