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Second letter of Arnau to the editors, publishers and authors

Finally, last friday I got the answer from Mr. Josep Ricou, published on the comments section in the original letter post.

Basically, he says that the note is a standard one, it is no matter how many permissions you ask to cite or reproduce any part of the content in their books as they are systematically denied, and in order to not letting any doubt or question uncovered, he grants me permission to read the book…

And so I wrote him again, copy to partners and authors too:

Good morning again Mr. Ricou,

I am pleased to receive your answer, and that it came so quick. However, I think you did not fully understood my request. My tolerance in abusive copyright notices is zero. As the note “Del xino al raval” is. I am aware that the notes are standardized, and this is precisely the problem. Most of them try to prevent indiscriminate ‘disclosure’ of the book, killing the rights acquired by the purchase of the book itself. And Mr. Ricou, when I buy anything, it is mine, and I do what I want: let it to whom and when I wish, and if applicable, destroy it how and when I like. This includes books.
As far as I know, when someone buys a book, it ‘buys a book’ not a ‘reading license’.

Regarding the second point of your reply, I am reaffirmed now in my convictions, because offering the opportunity to quote parts of the book in order to “deny them systematically” is really nasty by you, and personally I find it a bad joke, not to say a total lack of respect for “Hacer Editorial S.L.” customers’. Moreover, I feel that quite contradictory, to put it gently, that the interests and goals of “Hacer Editorial S.L.” is “the maximum dissemination of the texts published”, but these texts include a “standardized formula that attempts to prevent indiscriminate reproduction of texts published” and that “request for permission to reproduce them, implies systematically deny of the permission”.
There is something that either you have not understood well, or does not work properly.

Anyway, back to explain my request: I was not asking permission to read the book. I was asking the money I paid for a book that can not be read without:
a) committing a crime against intellectual property
and / or
b) request for permission of the publisher (not the author) in advance

Mr. Ricou, it is since long ago I do not ask permission to do things. Much less asking permission to use something for which I paid already.

Arnau Fuentes

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