The truth about The Last Supper

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ACTA: case study

The Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is the last fashion in international commerce [es]. It’s about bi-lateral negotiation with those countries with cultural policies and legislation, on author rights, copy rights and access both to cultural content and the Internet, unfavourable to its promoters: US’ entertainment industry.

For example, the US could establish a secret process, avoiding any looks from any civil and/or control organism, subordinating the production of both physical and intellectual products of this country to hollywoodistic interests.
Meaning that if the country at matters does not give up to the majors’ demands, the United States will use all its commerce force to cripple all its industrial sectors.

If we move this formula into the African Continent, the obtained result is even much more bizarre. In a recent post, Emeka Okafor commented the african situation as was exposed by Thabo Mbeki.

The forgotten continent

is a primary producer of intellectual resources, and also a consumer of finished intellectual products, but makes little contribution to the value that is added in between. Much (perhaps most) African intellectual production occurs under northern (American and European) contracts. Consequently, Africa’s intellectual agenda is set outside the continent, with African scholars are co-opted as consultants and primary researchers, while the ablest of them are provided with careers in western universities, research institutes and policy institutions. The final product is then re-exported, its value having been multiplied many times over, to Africa for consumption by African people, governments and institutions.

And this is how ACTA works. If local interests are subordinated to big foreign megacorps, local production will decrease until becoming a mirror for the african situation, a big and rich whole continent forced to sell cheap its own resources, in order to buy extremely high its derived products.

If you want to protect the cultural production, its authors, creators and the citizens who buy and consume those products, first step is slam the door to ACTAs, Sustainable Economy Laws, Digital Economy Bills and any other clones.

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Democracy and libertarian state

Bella Gerens the wife of my revered Devil. Past yesterday, she made a tremendous piece of post, both quantity and quality, about the possibilities of creating a libertarian state.

In her article she talks about the revolutionary way, not feasible due to violence, and the democratic way, neither feasible because of the fact that libertarians will always be a minority in any state in which the more tax you pay, the less services you get, and vice-versa.

Her proposed solution, making a quick resume and citing her, we will not be able to see it, may be our children will not be able to see it neither, but it goes by creating a society so prosperous in which people will not need most of services now provided by governments, adding the possibility to purchase the rest cheaper elsewhere… but that could lead to a danger, consisting in some sort of Hamasization/Comando Vermelhization, etc…

Anyway, in order to get there, even if it takes decades, Gerens found her way: never, ever to shut up her bitching. I buy that!


During millennia, men had to prove their manhood in front of women. At the beginning, men went away from home during weeks, crossing iced steppes to confront and kill terrifying animals like mammoths … with their bare hands.

But times change, and now men keep on making traverses… changing “mammoths” for “tobacco”, and now getting the trip done under temperatures slightly under the ones felt at The Sun‘s surface, walking to the nearest tobacconist placed no less than 1 km away, and finally sweating themselves to death just after delivering the parcel into the hands of his loved one.

Applied paranoia

The world is full of paranoids. Thanks to them, we live in an era of permanent suspicion of our neighbour, of our next-seat-companion at the trains, even of our own family (which is good indeed in some cases).

Living with a paranoid brings some terrific results, because in 99% of cases one ends thinking like them. The other 1% ends free of them, previously committing suicide.
And it is because of this that we see covers like the one in The Economist, not to talk about it’s articles informing, without any intention of creating terror nor panic amongst the readers as the graphic image perfectly shows, about the new possibilities of the Internet as a new war front.

Of course we’ve been talking about netwar, chinese hackers, the Great Firewall of China/UK/US/Iran and a lot more of based upon real facts theories. But this Ecomonist’s edition is talking of some other things.

Anyone reading Wired‘s feeds, Danger Room to be precise, surely will know about the existence of a Michael McConnel, a bloke who was head of the United States’ national intelligence during the last Bush Administration. Back then, McConnell was devoted to scare the crap out of George Walker “Texas Ranger” Bush about the perils of cyberwar and the necessity to filter absolutely all Internet’s traffic in order to prevent a cybernetic 9/11.

Back to civilian life, he kept on his apocalypto-diatribe, winding everywhere his shitty paranoia about cyberwar and the perils about The Terrorism ending with the Free and Open Internet.

Following links from Wired’s articles you will get a complete picture about this shitty paranoid. But as I said earlier, this is not about netwars, swarmings, greatfirewallings nor cocksuckings. McConnell it is not a good samaritan wanting to make a better place of Planet Earth, for the children of our great-children. No way.
McConnell is simply a person who is applying paranoia on other persons in order to fill in millionaire contracts for his corporations. It is one more of those promoting other paranoid writing fear-mongering articles on newspapers against the invisible enemy.
And with more articles from well known sources, more voices will demand for new measures to end those (Previously Orchestrated) Final Judgements.
More voices will be claiming to renounce freedom to get some totally-false-security. To continue shooting and tasering people suffering a hypoglycaemia. To keep on paranoid pople speaking of baby terrorists, outer-space terrorism, ministries of truth
To write and approve new legislation as DMCA (US and CA), UK’s Digital Economy Bill, Spanish Sustainable Economy Bill, malicious threaties as ACTA… the ways of the war on terror on freedom are mysterious…

When paranoia is applied, it generates fear. And fear is a really bad counsellor. It prevents to take sane decisions.
We have to be savvy that there are social programming languages, and we have to be aware of that in order to avoid being programmed… to avoid being used.

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Never Mind the bollocks, here is Steve Jobs

Sometimes we become obsessed within our own lies, believing that it is really happening.

That’s precisely what is doing right now Steve Jobs. With all the shit that’s happening with the iPhone 4 issue(s), he does not say anything to his customers but to relax, to enjoy themselves because, at the end, it’s just a phone…

Oh yeah, a defective phone, Steve, do not forget about that…

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Nash paranoia: a schizophrenic mind

June 22, 2010 1 comment

In one of her last articles, Sonia was commenting on the prisoner’s dilemma, game theory and Nash equilibrium,all developed by John Nash.

When he did that, John Nash was an undiagnosed schizophrenic working at RAND Corporation. First experiments on his theory were made using Rand’s own secretaries, whom decided to collaborate with themselves instead of betraying each other.
Those results were not satisfactory for Nash. They showed that ‘prisoners’ were more susceptible to collaborate and spend the lesser time at jail. So, he blamed the secretaries for not being apt subjects, because they did not followed the rules… and continued ‘experimenting’, encouraged by the voices inside his brain, until he got to the perfect results.

One of the peculiarities of paranoid schizophrenia is, eventually, paranoia: a distorted thinking process characterized by anxiety, fear, delirium and non-existent plots against oneself.

Nash equilibrium is nothing more than the equilibrium reached by two paranoid schizophrenic prisoners whom were thinking that everyone in the world is against them and, so, choose betrayal. Is that the logic option? Yes, if we follow the thinking line of a paranoid.

The bad luck of all this is that Nash paranoid equilibrium controlled all the Cold War process, creating a series of sons which yet live today, even in the military (the fact that a nuclear war did not started was said to be the proof of existence of this equilibrium), but also in civil field, specially in economy. The final result is that, if you base human existence on everyone plotting against you, seeding permanent suspicion, you get things like security theatre, the war on terror and ‘anything goes’ economy.

Anything coming out of a schizophrenic mind will be equally schizophrenic and thus won’t be good for anybody..

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